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Fall approaches

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Fall is often the best time to be in Maine.  It also can be quite an adjustment for most people, with big changes to their daily routines after the ease of summer.  One of the best ways to get prepared for fall and ahead of any potential missteps is to have a list.  I encourage my clients to make short to-do lists for the day, week, and the next few months.  Lists are often relatively simple.  Maybe it’s just reminding yourself to take 10 minutes to relax or meditate each day.  Maybe it’s a little more important, such as doing a little bit of work on your big project each day.  It is important to remember that you shouldn’t look at something that you didn’t accomplish that day as a criticism.  If you fail to accomplish something on your list, understand why and then think of a way to help you accomplish it later.  I find it is helpful to have lists that are very streamlined or fun.  Examples of pages or apps for keeping lists are WunderlistTodoistEvernote, and Habitica.  Remember: lists should be fun and helpful, not create more anxiety or pressure for you.