New Services – Teletherapy

By January 29, 2018Uncategorized

closed-macbook-laptop-on-a-sofa-picjumbo-comThings have been busy here in the office and I have not had the chance to post in a while.  One of these newer changes has been the addition of a new service!  I now have the ability to do teletherapy (therapy over the internet).  I see this as a way of reaching clients that are not always able to come in to the office due to illness or that live too far away to make weekly visits practical but who would benefit from services.  As one of my specialties is working with individuals who identify under the LGBTQA umbrella I see teletherapy as a way of offering services in areas where a specialist may not always be available.

Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of teletherapy.  While simply connecting with someone online can be helpful, I still value the importance of an in-person connection as well.  That is why the policy for teletherapy involves meeting at least once for a 90-minute intake before allowing the ability to meet online.

After researching many opportunities for hosts for teletherapy, I decided to use WeCounsel as it is one of the only HIPAA compliant options (that means they are up to governmental standards of privacy and ethics).

If you are interested in teletherapy, please reach out to me to learn more.