Returning to the office

By September 27, 2021Uncategorized

It certainly has been a long year and a half here at the office.  As you all have, I have been following the pandemic this summer and fall as businesses start to open up.  My hope is that my office will re-open in early-to-mid November.  That is, of course, dependent on how the next few weeks go.  As demand for in-person therapy is still extremely low and due to COVID restrictions on business, the plan right now is as follows:

  • I will be offering in-person appointments two days a week
  • Appointments will be first-come, first-served
  • Appointments will be only every-other hour
  • When making requests through the client portal you will have to specify if you would like in-person or not for the appropriate slot
  • Both you and I will need to be masked during the appointment
  • All in-person clients will need to be fully vaccinated as well
  • Of course, you are not required to do in-person slots if you do not wish to meet in person

When I start offering in-person slots, the available slots for in-person will be noted on TherapyPortal.  I will always ask you when you schedule for one of those time slots if you would prefer in-person or not.  If you do not schedule a slot as in-person and show up at the office instead, I will be unable to see you in-person.

There are of course, more facts about this transition.  I will be providing more information about this as we get closer to November.