Summertime Digital Detox

Now that summer has finally arrived in Maine people want to get out and enjoy it.  Part of enjoying this is the ability to disconnect from our work lives and online lives.  Research has shown that refocusing on areas away from work can be a significant recharge, but that often needs to be a complete disconnect.  This has been a common theme in sessions over the past few weeks.  In particular, people have been interested in how they can use technology to help them achieve their disconnect goals.

Here is a listing of some apps that can be helpful:

Offtime – This app lets you shut off reminders from apps and closes out some apps.  You can still receive/make calls and your phone still functions as a smart phone.

Flipd – This app completely locks your phone for a set amount of time.  Until that time is up, you cannot unlock your phone.  During it however, you can still receive calls and make emergency calls.

Digital Detox – This is the ultimate detox app.  It completely locks your phone except for emergency calls.